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    After looking through tons of forums on how to resolve this error, I finally managed to find a solution for the problem! This worked for me and hopefully it will work for you!


    You WILL need a Windows CD and also need to know where your drivers are mapped.


    1) Boot your Windows CD at Startup.

    2) Press any key when prompted

    3) Once the CD loads, press R when an option comes up.

    4) Select the partition where windows in installed. ie [1] C:\Windows enter 1 and then <ENTER>. (If it says for example F:\Windows then use F instead of C)

    5) Make sure hal.dll does not exsist. To do this type in cd c:\windows\system32 <ENTER> dir <ENTER> and then scroll down. If it does, then type the following: del c:\windows\system32\hal.dll <ENTER>

    6) Once you have made sure hal.dll does not exsist, type in the following: (im using d: as this is the default cd drive map, if your cd drive is mapped under a different letter like g, then replace d with g) copy d:\i386\hal.dl_ c:\windows\system32 <ENTER> A message should appear saying succesful in copying 1 item.

    7) Now we'll need to change the file name. Type the following: cd c:\windows\system32 <ENTER> rename hal.dl_ hall.dll <ENTER>

    8) Then to finalise changes, type in fixboot <ENTER> y <ENTER>

    9) Remove disk and type EXIT <ENTER> (If this does not work, hold down the power botton and restart.


    After following these instructions, the computer should boot now.

    Monday, December 8, 2008 5:22 PM