choosing option from combobox which searches specific table, and having different fields from that table being inserted into other text boxes RRS feed

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  • I am trying to create a program to run my business. So far, I spend 10 hrs almost getting it to do what I want and then deleting it to start a new one because i am an idiot. I ahve very little vba knowledge. I have a customer table which basically has contact info (CustomerTable). I have a form to input all info (CustomerInputForm). I have another table for insurance company contact info (InsuranceForm), which displays Name, Phone, and Fax. I have a combobox on CustomerInputForm that chooses from all the insurance companies in the insurancTable. I also have a text box call InsPhone and InsFax in the same table. I want to be able to choose the insurance company from the combo box and then on the after update have it fill in the phone number and fax into the next 2 text boxes. I know nothing about code. My code is, Try not to laugh, something like this:

    If Me.CmboIns.Value = Tables!InsuranceTable!InsName.Value Then
    Tables!InsuranceTable!InsPhone.Value = Me.InsPhone.Value

    End If

    I also tried .text

    I don't even know what category to choose. Please point me in the right direction. Would be interested in using support service for hire.

    Thursday, May 3, 2012 6:41 PM


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