Global formatting options; e.g., Paragrasph formatting RRS feed

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  • It would be helpful is there was a way to specify certain paragraph formatting options, such a "Kepp lines together" on a global basis.

    Right now you have to go and select this option on each and every paragraph, and this can be overly time consuming for some types of documents such as a member list.

    For example....the first line of the member list is started with a normal carriage return to indicate a new paragraph.  Subsequent lines are started with a soft carriage return (shift/enter) so they are all part of the same paragraph.

    But if I want to keep them together, I have to select the keep function over and over again for each members entry. 

    It would be helpful is this and other formatting features could be specified on a global basis, and/or by noting when this options should start and when it should end.  
    Saturday, June 6, 2009 2:31 PM