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    I have a multi-user desktop running Vista Home Premium, with a Windows Home server on the local network, and SyncToy 2.1 to tie it all together.

    I would like SyncToy to run at the *end* of each users' session, to copy (echo) any work done during the session over to the server for backup and/or remote access. 

    I can use Task Scheduler to automatically run SyncToyCmd with the "-R" "folder pair" command, triggered by Disconnect From User Session.  Works fine... but it runs invisibly, and there's no way at runtime to control which folder pairs are run.

    I'd like to give users the ability to choose which pairs to run, so that (for example) the entire photo library isn't scanned every time someone Switches User after reading their mail.

    I tried having Task Scheduler just launch SyncToy (non-command-line) at Disconnect, but the SyncToy window doesn't appear before the user's desktop disappears (though the window *is* waiting there on their desktop next time they log in!). 

    If I can just get SyncToy in front of them when they disconnect, I think my users are smart enough to run the folder pairs they need, based on what they were doing... but they're not smart enough to always remember to run it manually before they disconnect!

    Can anybody suggest a method to automatically get SyncToy to appear for the user, *before* they leave their user session?



    Sunday, September 19, 2010 7:24 AM