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  • Hi all.


    I'm using LCSAddContacts.wsf to create pre-defined contact groups for all our users which in itself works without a hitch (as long as I run the script as domain administrator Smile ).


    The problem is with group names containing Swedish characters (with us being in Sweden and all) where the Swedish characters (å, ä, ö and such) becomes garbled. I had a problem with user names being garbled as well but I solved that by converting the files exported from ADUC (containg user and contact entries) to UTF-8.


    Adding to the confusion is the fact that if I use the script at the command line the group names work as they should but if I use a batch-file to add them all at once they group names containing foreign characters become garbled, even if I convert the batch-file to UTF-8.


    Here's how the batch-file looks:


    Code Snippet
    cscript lcsaddcontacts.wsf /usersfile:users.txt /contactsfile:administration.txt /contactsgroup:"Administration och ledning"
    cscript lcsaddcontacts.wsf /usersfile:users.txt /contactsfile:interna.txt /contactsgroup:"Interna system"
    cscript lcsaddcontacts.wsf /usersfile:users.txt /contactsfile:konsult.txt /contactsgroup:"Konsult"
    cscript lcsaddcontacts.wsf /usersfile:users.txt /contactsfile:marknad.txt /contactsgroup:"Marknadsföring"
    cscript lcsaddcontacts.wsf /usersfile:users.txt /contactsfile:produkt_logistik.txt /contactsgroup:"Produkt och logistik"
    cscript lcsaddcontacts.wsf /usersfile:users.txt /contactsfile:sales.txt /contactsgroup:"Försäljning"
    cscript lcsaddcontacts.wsf /usersfile:users.txt /contactsfile:xos.txt /contactsgroup:"XOS"



    I looked through the script to see if the user and contact entries were handled differently from the group name but couldn't find anything obvious (I'm not a VBScript coder though so I really don't know what to look for).


    Has anyone any thoughts on this?



    Monday, September 8, 2008 8:27 AM

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  • You may use  (OCSCM) Microsoft Office Communications Server Contact Manager.It's an administration mmc tool that will integrate with Microsoft Office Communication Server 2007 and Active Directory to provide an easy way to provision OCS users’ contacts list.   OCSCM is designed to show you how to manage the contacts and groups for individual ocs users by interacting with the Active Directory Domain Services and Microsoft Office Communication Server 2007/R2 and lcs 2005.

    download from http://www.ocscm.com

    Sunday, December 20, 2009 8:51 PM