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  • Hi,

    Simple question: can I mix for example a WD Caviar Green at 5400RPM with a WD Caviar Black at 7200RPM for the data.

    What's happening with the deduplicator? Can it handle the difference (I think it doesn't care about it)?

    is there any way to force the reading/writing to use the fastest disk? actually how can we know from which physical disk it reads a file?

    Thanks for your answers.


    MCSE 2k3, MCTS W2k8
    Tuesday, February 8, 2011 4:26 PM

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  • You can mix drives of various sizes and speeds, doesn't matter.


    If you have 2 physical drives installed then WHS will create a system partition, and reserve the rest of the first drive for the storage pool.  The second drive will be completely reserved for the storage pool.


    When you start saving things to the share it should save them to the second drive.


    If you turn on folder duplication, then the WHS should make the backup copy on the first drive.


    Usually the best setup when using folder duplication is to use 3 drives.  A small drive for the system drive, and 2 other drives for the storage pool.  With the 2 other drives present the WHS should never need to use the first drive for the storage pool, the other 2 drives will be priority for the storage pool.

    If you install the disk management addon you can create a diagram of your server, and map the physical location of each drive.  In addition if you turn on the real time temperature and performance monitor you can see the disk activity.  The current version of disk management costs $10, it's got a 30 day trial, or if you can locate an older version ( I believe that version was still free.


    I think that answers most of what you are asking

    Thursday, February 10, 2011 12:00 AM