Poor training on a simple question to a Microsoft employee may have caused me an infection by a third party. At a minimum,it almost cost me $169 RRS feed

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  • This morning, I called Microsoft and spoke to either Bertha and  Susan > Not sure yet who is responsible yet. After a few minutes,it was decided (rightly in this case) that it was a Microsoft issue but the responsibility of the IEB which is Toshiba. I asked for a forwarding number which was provided. I thought I was talking to Toshiba but I discovered about an hour into getting tech support that it was not Toshiba but a third party..I Yogi. I allowed him (Anish) permission to remotely access my computer PRIOR to finding out that I was not talking to Toshiba and after he downloaded a synaptics driver for my freezing cursor problem,he asked for permission for me to give him my credit card info to deduct $169 to "subscribe" for one year. Yes his driver fixed the cursor but as I told him that I never approved and never would approve to pay for a PC repair on less than a 3 week old computer! All of a sudden,im watching him remotely UNINSTALL the driver. When I see him doing that I ask him what is going on....then he hangs up. Cusors not working again,of course.

    I then found Toshibas number on my own,was told to unplug my battery for a couple minutes,then re install. A 10 minute call and it worked and naturally it was free since its a long way from being out of warranty.

    Why is a well established corporation such as Microsoft referring  their customers to a third party which at a very minimum has questionable practices even being referred to as  "scammers" based on a search that I was able to find two minutes after being able to use the cursor. Why couldn't their employee refer me simply to Toshiba like I asked for? Why are they compounding the problem by forcing me to speak to phone supervisor in the Phillippines? And they make me jump through a hundred hoops to end up speaking to a person who can not help. I asked simply to speak with a person in higher management. Those phone people might as well be called "phone screeners" by not allowing me to be forwarded to a "decision maker" manager. If someone in higher management does not get back with me (eventually) by phone,I will continue to make this a public issue in other forums plus they may have a legal problenm on their hands if my PC is infected..as some reviwers have claimed about I-Yogi. And I can not even get a courtesy call???

    Monday, July 11, 2011 8:46 PM

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