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  • I recently decided to increase the security of some of my logon passwords due to the apparent epidemic of hacked e-mail accounts--if they can crack those, why not my FI?  But when I tried to change the password for one of my FI downloads, Money rejected the new password first because it had special characters, then because it was not between 5 & 8 characters long.  Does anyone know if this is a limitation in Money across all FIs or is it a wrong Money server assumption (perhaps old) for this particular institution?  I am running M07.  All my other accounts download fine.  If it is just an old Money server setting, then the clock is ticking anyway on these FI auto downloads.  Looking through Money Help for password info, I don't see anything indicating any universal limits, so I guess that they just have old parameters for this FI.
    Saturday, July 24, 2010 4:53 PM

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  • It has long been reported that Money is enforcing limits set by the FIs in the circumstance you describe.

    Remember that many FIs use different systems/passwords for the OFX interfaces than for the HTTP web UIs. This is one reason they may differ from the "direct (via 3rd party) downloads" which do go in through the HTTP web UI.

    I don't download so am merely reporting what has long been reported in Money user-to-user support channels.

    Saturday, July 24, 2010 5:37 PM
  • I think that what you are referring to is that some FI's have special UI's for Money, not just their regular web access logons.  In the "special case," the account holder is required to get permission to do the auto downloads from Money, and possibly to even have different credentials, than if the user simply logs into his online account (not via Money).  I suppose that the answer to my question could be sussed out by fooling with the passwords.  If I figure anything out, I will report back.  In the meantime, I will assume that the Money server or wherever these Money/FI PW limits are noted is wrong for this particular FI, as it probably had one set of limits, and updated with the times, but Money's notes on it are now old.  (Thus my previous PW worked in Money, but my new more secure one doesn't.)

    Note that none of this disscussion has anything to do with MS Passport or Windows Live ID, which I have never used in Money.

    I suppose that with about six months to go, this whole discussion is pretty much mute anyway, the MS server conduit to these auto downloads about to be shut down.  I guess I should hurry up and install Quicken if I want any overlap to compare the two products, while Money is still full function.  (Not that the Sunset version will be that limited as it is supposed to allow indefinite OFX type downloads.  But it will be limited to the current tax structure--even though one will still be able to put in Custom brackets and other parameters, so long as the structure isn't much different, and FI's may start to drop even the OFX setup for Money, per se, although if they allow for Quicken, I'm not sure that one couldn't use the Quicken formatted downloads even if Money is not explicitly mentioned.  Oh yea, the securities prices to die as well, which one can poke in by hand, if running Sunset.)

    Saturday, July 24, 2010 7:00 PM