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  • I am trying to load my photos onto ICE but I always get a box saying: "Could not stitch any of the input images together. Please make sure your images are taken from one location and overlap each other". Can anyone tell me what this is telling me? I'm not really a techy person so im confused on the "overlap" concept.
    Saturday, June 2, 2012 1:09 AM

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  • In order to create a panorama, your photos need to be taken from about the same location, so that objects and scenery show up in each image only from a different angle. This is needed because ICE needs to find points in your images related to each other (showing the same object like the Empire State building, a street-sign, windows). If you take e.g. 3 photos, but they are so far apart from each other that there is no visible relation, you will not be able to create a panorama. Here an example in pictures.

    This is an example with extreme overlap (just to show the difference). Usually you need about 1/3 overlap between two images to stitch properly.
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    Saturday, June 2, 2012 10:37 AM
  • First version 1.4.4 failed to take in my handheld images, then removed 1.4.4 and I loaded in and used 1.2 successfully, but then removed and installed 1.3.5 but it did not work.  Then removed that and tried 1.4.4 (all 64bit) again, and now it works.

    But I am now sure what really happened is that photos from the local USB 3.0 hard drive did not work, but the images were accepted from an internal drive that had the same photos (but, and even though, this was not the same drive win 7 and the program is on).  So it was NOT the version of ICE that caused the problem.  Strange, but I saw someone else comment that the image location on an external drive may be a problem, and they had to move the images to an internal hard drive.  September 17, 2013.

    Other problems may be that the extension on the file might have a special panorama extension, not the normal .jpg;  and that the photos were taken but the zoom or standing position changed.

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