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  • Dear All,

    I possess half decade of experience in telephony software development and systems integration, and have delivered broad range of CTI/IVR based contact center and unified communication solutions for different sectors.

    Please review the below resume of mine which demonstrates proven record of delivering products, I’m availble to work as contractor as well as permanent employee, and would welcome any further questions about my skills.

    Best Regards,
    M. Mudassir Saeed
    0044 7900 1947 17

    Developer of world's first open source solution to lock/unlock Cisco XML Phones


    365 Dersingham Avenue,

    London, E12 6JX, United Kingdom.


    0044 7900 1947 17




    ü  Developed World’s First Open Source Solution to Lock/Unlock Keypad of Cisco XML IP Phones.


    ü  Developed Cisco VXML based Interactive Voice Response – IVR Systems for different multinationals in Africa, Middle East & South Asia.


    ü  Developed CTI Driver for Cisco Call Manager Express – CCME 3.2, which secured Cisco IVT Certification in summer 2006 at Cisco Labs, UK.


    ü  Developed solution analogous to Cisco Agent Desktop to present customized information.


    ü  Developed Session Initiation Protocol – SIP based VoIP Soft Phones for both PC & PDA.


    ü  Developed CTI drivers using Microsoft TAPI 2.2 for various telecom software products to be used with different PBX platforms including Avaya IP Office, Cisco Call Manager & NEC Aspire.



    §  Languages & Tools

    ð         C, C++, C#, VB .NET, Java, JSP, VXML       ð         Microsoft VC++ 6.0, Embedded VC++ 4.0

    ð         Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 200x             ð         Eclipse IDE, NetBeans


    §  APIs & SDKs

    ð         Telephony – TAPI                                            ð         Win32, MFC, JNI, Cross Platform Integration

    ð         Windows Sockets – Winsock                       ð         Microsoft Speech & IP Phone Services


    §  Programming & Platforms

    ð         Win32 Programming                                       ð         Desktop/Mobile, Client/Server Development

    ð         Pocket PC Programming                               ð         CRM, Databases & Systems Integration

    ð         Multithreaded Programming                      ð         Waterfall, Rapid, Prototyping

    ð         Socket & Network Programming               ð         IVR, Smart Device and Telephony Development

    ð         Object Oriented Analysis & Design           ð         SIP, RTP, SMTP, VoIP, XML, Voice XML, CTI



    ü  Liquid11 Limited – United Kingdom                          http://www.liquid11.co.uk/

    Contract Engineer

    May 2009 – Aug 2009                                                      VB .NET, SMTP, .NET, Speech, HTTP, Windows Forms


    ü  Wateen Telecom – Pakistan                                        http://www.wateen.com/

    Senior Software Engineer                                            C, C++, C#, Java, CRM, SIP, VXML, CTI, IVR, Smart Device

    Sep 2004 – Mar 2009                                                       Systems Development & Integration


    I possess half decade of experience in software systems development and integration with software development life cycle. Following are few of the projects I have rolled out during the previous five years.


    Project 01:          Java, Voice-XML, CRM Integration, Cisco VXML Studio


    Developed Cisco CVP & Voice XML (VXML) based IVR Systems, and integrated with various third party CRMs, by developing own custom configurable elements using Java API to use them during call flows development along with built-in elements of VXML Studio, and delivered to various multinationals including Saudi Telecom – Kuwait, Wateen Telecom – Pakistan and Warid Telecom – Ivory Coast.


    Project 02:          C++, C#, Microsoft Visual C++6.0, Visual Studio .NET 2003, Database/CRM Integration, TAPI 2.2


    Developed Microsoft TAPI 2.2 based drivers for various CTI Products (i.e. Contact Center Software Solutions) including Outbound Dialers, Call Control Systems, Call Details Records and Screen Pop, which integrate with computers and connect the phone to the CRM to pop-up the caller’s history and contact details even before answering the call when phone rings. The components I developed support telephony platforms by various PBX vendors including Avaya, Cisco, NEC and Panasonic.


    Project 03:          C++; Embedded Visual C++ 4.0 & Visual C++6.0; SIP; RTP; G. 711


    Developed SIP – Session Initiation Protocol based Soft-Phones for PDA & PC to use with a leading PBX (which allows the convergence of voice and data networks) to enrich these devices with the functionality of SIP Phones Handsets. These soft phones use G.711 – A Law codec in real time transport protocol packets and contains some extra telephony features e.g. DTMF, Blind- & Consult Call-Transfer etc.


    Project 04:          C#, C++, Microsoft Visual C++6.0, Visual Studio .NET 2003, Cisco CTI APIs


    Developed product analogous to Cisco agent desktop to serve the purpose more efficiently by presenting the information in an embedded browser, the solution was developed to be used by agents in call centers and helps to improve customers’ satisfaction and agents’ performance by providing all the necessary components (e.g. callers’ details, call control) at the same interface to minimize the time in responding to the customers’ inquiries.


    Project 05:          C++, C#, Java, JSP; NetBeans IDE; Microsoft Visual C++6.0, Visual Studio .NET 2003, TAPI 2.2


    Developed software to lock/unlock keypad of Cisco IP phones, so that when phone-keypad is locked whole call history (i.e. Dialed, Received & Missed Calls) on phone are cleared immediately and all incoming calls are started getting redirected to user’s mobile phone/voice mail and nobody can dial out numbers without entering the correct pin code because a security prompt enquiring pin code will automatically be invoked every time dialing number.


    Project 06:          C#, C++, Microsoft Visual C++6.0, Visual Studio .NET 2003, TAPI 2.2


    A Cisco IVT certified screen pop application for Call Manager Express (CCME 3.2) to pull and display data from different CRM databases (e.g. Gold-Mine, ACT, Access and MS CRM etc.). The telephony driver I developed for the product monitors the agent’s phone to capture events (e.g. Ringing, Connected & Hold) and passes the extracted information (e.g. Device-ID, CLI & Call-ID) to upper layer which collects caller’s details from the databases and displays on computer screen.

    Project 07:          Java, JSP, NetBeans IDE, Active Directory, LDAP


    Customized global phone directory search in Cisco IP phones for UFONE Pakistan, a leading GSM operator in Pakistan, to show records only with phone numbers assigned, in the format of [First Name Last Name], on Cisco Unified Communication Manager 6.x.


    Project 08:          C++, C#, Microsoft Visual C++6.0, Visual Studio .NET 2003, TAPI 2.2, Client/Server Architecture


    A dialer application for Cisco phones to use in telemarketing. The product is a client-server application powered with feature of making phone-calls without picking handsets up. Agents get registered with the server, which controls all the telephony operations and whenever they need to make an outbound call, they just highlight the number and use a combination of predefined hotkey to send requests to server for dialing.


    Project 09:          C#, C++, Microsoft Visual C++6.0, Visual Studio .NET 2003, Windows & Extension Mobility API


    Developed solution to automatically log in/out Cisco IP phones, to avoid the misuse of phones, using extension mobility when users lock, unlock their computers or laptops.


    Project 10:          C++, C#, Microsoft Visual C++6.0, Visual Studio .NET 2003, TAPI 2.2


    This product consists of call details record (CDR-Service) and screen pop application. CDR-Service uses messages containing information like CLI, Device-ID and Duration provided by the component I developed to build up Calls’ database. These messages are prepared by the component when phone is used and events (e.g. Ringing, Connected & Hold) are generated. Screen pop application displays the other party’s details based on incoming or outgoing calls’ events.



    The University of Lahore                                              http://www.uol.edu.pk/

    Lahore, Pakistan.                                                             Dec 2000 – Oct 2004


    Bachelor of Computer Science – BCS (Honors)   

    ð         Secured First Position in Fall-2001

    ð         Full Study Scholarship

















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