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  • I purchased a computer in December with the "upgrade option" to vista, after tons of paperwork, faxes and such I got my upgrade. I promptly installed the upgrade, reformatting like a fool only to find I could not install the new version of office. Lots of time with tech support, a week or two later still no go, I actually do need to use my computer.....  I re-install XP image, then install Vista under Virtual machine.  Did not realize the license key expired.  Stupid me, but hey... OK try to license windows Vista after expired licence warning.  Can not connect (it appears it forgot how it was connecting), log in "reduced mode" which also does not appear to recognize wireless netowrking, so I opt to re-enter my key only to be told it was already in use... great (**&^**^% deal MS what the hey do I do now....


    Good thing I am interested in checking out Vista before I get really screwed.... this product is not ready fro prime time if you ask me....


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