crm2013 cannot synch back online when we have email activities with attachment RRS feed

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  • out of the box CRM2013 no customization issue on email activity created offline cannot go back online. (CRM outlook Add-in)


    Hi,  i have encontered an issue while testing activity email on a contact.  a big part of the work made by salesman is done in CRM OffLine Mode. While offline we create an email  activity on a contact and we attach a file (any file will do simple .txt, pdf, etc..). we can click the Send button with no error. the error come up when the user take is crm to Online Mode. the user cannot synch back, receive with an error on Data Synchronizxation Error , Type:Email Attachement, Error Invalid  Argument

    i Can recreate the problem easily on any organisation, on many computer in the company.

    here are i reproduced IT

    -1 create new organisation to have a Clean One

    -2 Set your crm outlook add-in to the organisation of Step 1

    -3 in CRM go offline

    -3 create a CRM contact with a email address

    -4 create an activiti of type Email on that contact

    -5 add a file to that email

    -6 Click Send

    -7 in CRM Go Online

    -8 now you should see the synch error

    i'm running CRM2013, on premise, Microsoft CRM 2013 Service Pack 1 (sp1) (   DB, Server,outlook addin

    Does any of you ever got this error in any CRM?

    Thursday, July 3, 2014 11:21 AM