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  • I recently had issues with my file copy speed dropping to below 10 Mbps.  I have  1Gbps network and machines in question have 1 Gbps NICs.  Copying between 2 PCs yielded speeds above 50 Mbps.

    I've read in the forums several tips for increasing speed.  The two most frequent tips seem to be a WHS disk defragger and having the WHS sys drive be the largest drive in the system.

    I installed Perfect Disk 11 on WHS and saw the file copy speed dramatically improve (40-50 Mbps consistently both up and down).

    I could live with this just fine, as bluray rips now play off the WHS with no issues.  I'm curious about the sys drive size suggestions.  My current sys drive is 500GB and PD11 shows the data partition (D) in good shape and almost empty.  I also have two 1.5 TB drives and two 500 GB drives.  I just got another 1.5 TB drive and am trying to decide if I should re-install WHS on it or add it to the data pool.  I understand that incoming files first get copied to the D partition on the sys drive and then "duplicated" to the other data drives.

    Some threads say that the sys drive should be the biggest for max file copy performance.

    Others say that the sys drive just needs to be big enough so that large file copies have enough room on D to work with.

    What do others say on this?

    Given my config, I don't think installing a new sys drive will make much difference.  Thoughts...

    Tuesday, July 6, 2010 4:08 PM