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    Ok every time I start my computer I get this freaking annoying balloon telling me I need to take action to fix my one care or something like that and the condition is fair.


    So I click on the balloon the only thing that is wrong is I have the phishing filter turned off. Which yeah I do have it off, because if I turn it on every single url I visit will get submitted to Microsoft. I do not want that. Also because IE 7 every single web page i go to pops up a balloon warning that this may not be a correct page or what ever, basically just more annoyance. Simply I do not want the phishing filter. I am quite aware of this, and I am totally fine with not having this protection.


    However if one care keep popping up and annoying the heck out of me because I do not want to submit every URL i am visiting to Microsoft well guess what i am getting rid of onecare. Because I am trading one popup balloon  for another. I mean I only want to get a popup when something is wrong.


    So how do I shut this annoying balloon off and set the phishing filter to ignore and not care about that to get a green rating. Kind of like the windows security center you could set the Anti virus to an anti virus not detected by windows which you had to do basically in the beginning as a lot of anti virus weren't detected.


    Also how in the heck are these dang balloons even popping up!!!!! Using TweakUI and verifying and setting the registry to shut off the annoying balloons that pop up telling me I have unused icons on my desktop and wanting me to clean them up. Yes I hate that pop up too I have icons on my desktop because I want them. However the setting that shuts of balloons is set. that doesn't stop onecare. i could live with the orange icon, while I do not want it just because the phishing filter is off, but i could live with it. the balloons are enough to drive me batty.


    Thursday, August 7, 2008 2:26 AM


  • You can't shut this off and you must use the IE Phishing filter if you don't want the warning from OneCare and you want to use IE. If you don't want to use IE (and, believe me, Microsoft does not care what web sites you go to, the URL is checked against a list of reported known phishing sites) with the phishing filter enabled, use a different web browser as your default, but leave it on in IE and you won't see the warning, nor will you be using the phishing filter which only works in IE. If you don't want to do this, use a different security program as OneCare is not the solution for you.



    Thursday, August 7, 2008 1:37 PM