Vista treats application license files differently than Win XP RRS feed

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  • I use an ASCII text file format in my license files. My applications both read and write to these files. On install, the .lic file is placed in the directory with the .exe file. Every time the application is launched by the user, the file is modified by the application. Since the initial installation is done with a 15 day expiration file, the user will be required to copy another version of that file over the expired one, if he purchases the product, in order to extend the license.


    When the user receives the new .lic file with the extended expiration and copies it over the existing expired file, according to Windows Explorer, the newer version overwrites the original expired .lic file. However, when the .exe is run after this task has been completed, the .exe still picks up the information from the original version.


    Now, if the user creates a new user account and logs in to Vista with the new account, when he runs the .exe, it now picks up the new .lic file that wrote over the expired .lic file.


    Whats going on here? And how can I get around this for the original user account for this user?


    Win XP does not have this problem.


    Friday, April 25, 2008 10:44 PM