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  • What is the difference between VDI and mstsc.

    Suppose that if I create a Hyper-V Server and tell all of my users to connect to their virtual machines using MSTSC rather then making several configuration changes to make VDI to work, I could not understand that how VDI is different from MSTSC.

    I could not find differences between VDI and MSTSC in above scenario.



    Sunday, March 13, 2011 3:19 AM

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  • hello Alok,

    there is a clear defintion VDI and RDS taht belongs to designing of you infrastucture, which means. if you a data center contains 200 users. and you need to provide every user by its cusomized desktop and aothe parameters, in case of RDS it is dificult to achive it, but in VDI environment it is easy to customise every machine accordengly, evern in case of the VM which is hosted upon MS-H V as you discussed, what will happen in this time. you have interact with such  scinario to manage this issue, come to VDI, you will fine that it's possible to you make a certain number of VMs as standby, once the default VM has been failed the end user will obtain a new VM + his/her profile,

    to make this a simple.

    VDI is base on VM for each user, but RDS is base on Share session and shared OS for ceetain # of users,

    in case of RDS you calculate how many user will join a VM or a physical servers

    but in case of VDI you calcualate how many VM for certain amout of users it cold be more than or ecual to your # of the users.

    thnaks in advance :)

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    Thursday, April 14, 2011 1:17 PM