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  • I've been trying to setup an OCS Standard deployment for several days now. I've got everything working fine except for presence. It is sooo intermittent. I really need some help on how to decipher where to use .local and where to use .org in all this setup to get everything right.

    At first, I had everything with .local (the SIP domain, the SIP IDs like user@domain.local, the certificate, etc). Presence would work like a charm in Communicator, but it would only work for Outlook 2007 users. Outlook 2003 users and Sharepoint Services would not work. I guessed that it had to do with seeing the address as .org instead of .local that SIP was working from.

    So, I went back and did this. I added a SIP domain for domain.org and made it the primary. I re-did the certificate to have domain.local as the name and domain.org in the SAN. I then changed all users' IDs to user@domain.org. This *seemed* to work much better, but still not fully. Outlook 2003 users now see presence, Sharepoint Services now shows presence, but Outlook 2007 will only partly show presence. For instance, in the reading pane the user will show a clear bubble with "presence unknown". However, if you double-click that name and it opens the properties then it *does* show presence on that properties box on the "Actions" button. In addition, if you start a new email with that user in the To field then it shows presence correctly.

    What gives? This presence stuff is driving me crazy. Sorry, but I've searched forums like crazy and can't really find any answers. Here's all my details that I can think of:

    OCS: SIP domains of both domain.local and domain.org (set as primary).

    DNS: two forwarding zones of domain.local and domain.org. Both have an A record for the OCS server as well as the SRV record.

    Users: all users have a primary SMTP address of domain.org, but domain.local is also in as a secondary SMTP address. SIP addresses are currently set to sip:user@domain.org.

    Certificate: I used server.domain.local as the name and put server.domain.org in the SAN. The certificate is from an internal CA and is listed as a Trusted Root Publisher on GPO.

    Can anyone help me get this all straightened out? If you need more details, please feel free to ask. I'll do whatever to get this working. Below are some screenshots of what I'm talking about...

    This is where the email is not showing the presence correctly (except for my own).


    If I double-click on Jake above, I get this contact properties box which *does* show the presence correctly.

    Wednesday, February 4, 2009 1:43 PM