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  • I used Hdmake to generate the tileset for a large composition with the following
    hdmake -srcgrid 16 10 imagenames... -quality 0.8 -html

    hdmake generated 4 zip files named files.part0 files,part1 files.part2 files.part3
    firts error, it did not put the extension .zip on them
    second error, inside the html file it says url="{files}files\{l}\{c}_{r}.jpg"
    which does not allow the page to access the files.

    I added the .zip extension to each of the four files
    I verified they each include a folder named files including the tileset folders
    I changed the url to say: url="{files.part3.zip}files\{l}\{c}_{r}.jpg"   as described in the documentation
    But the page still cannot access the tileset (grid display)

    thanks for any insight

    After further investigation, it seems there are two issues:
    First if  I add the instruction -xmlflat filename.xml, hdmake names the files properly (.zip), and generate the proper url syntax
    But and this is the main issue, the page still could not access the tileset.

    After looking into it, it looks like the Zip files were corrupted, because when I opened them and tried to extract the tileset, nothing would happen.
    These were very large (2Gb each), with a huge number of file in them, so I wondered it ZIP had a problem with that. The version of WinRAR I have on my machine was a bit old, so I installed the latest WinRAR, and when I opened the Zip file, I got an error message. I then removed WinRAR and installed the Latest WinZip. This time I could open the archive without any error, but all the 4 Zip files included were folder 18 and 17, which would explain why the page could not load the tileset.

    I regenerated the Tileset with noZip, and all, went fine.

    So my new question is: Does hdmake uses the local version of WinZip present on the machine to create the Zipped archives, or does it have its own code to do that.

    If hdmake uses the local WinZip software, then may be this problem was caused by my Winrar software being too old.
    If hdmake uses its own code to create the Zip files, then there is a bug in hdmake on this very large (37GigaPixel) composition for which the tileset is 7Gb of  Jpeg (quality 0.8) and 770,460 files.

    If you can confirm this last point (does hdmake uses local WinZip software to create the archives), I would apreciate it.
    Saturday, February 13, 2010 7:46 PM

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  • Thanks for pointing out the hdmake error; we've fixed it in the forthcoming version to use the base imagename if no -xml filename.xml is specified.

    As for zip no local app is required; hdmake has its own code to do that.

    You might try reducing the size of each zip part with the -zipsize option (e.g. -zipsize 100 for 100MB zip file "parts").

    Thursday, February 18, 2010 7:44 PM
  • Thanks.

    It means that hdmake did generate corrupted zip files though.
    Friday, February 19, 2010 1:13 AM