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    Hi All,


    Recently, i am working RCC with OCS2k7 EE. Before descriping the problem, i would like to descrip our situation as following.


    OCS Environment:

    One OCS2k7 server point to two set of CUPS

    Connection: OCS2k7 <--> CUPS X 2 <--> CallManager X 2.


    PBX Environment:

    Set 1: CUPS 6.0.4 <----> CallManager 6.2

    Set 2: CUPS 6.0.4 <----> CallManager 6.2


    If Set 1 of PBX user want to dial Set 1 of PBX user, they just only dial user's extension such as 3001.

    If Set 1 of PBX user want to dial Set 2 of PBX user, they need to add prefix before the extension. Such as 6223001


    For example, 

    Set 1 of PBX following the prefix 621

    Set 2 of PBX following the prefix 622


    The prefix just used in this situation when one set of PBX user want to dial to another set of PBX user. If just dial to same set of PBX, they no need to input Prefix.


    My Question:

    I can work fine for Reverse number lookup if set 1 user dial to set 1 user (They just only dial  4 digital extension). Our OCS communicator popup window can display the user name.


    But i don't know how to handle the situation if someone dial from Set 2 to Set 1 user. The popup window will display the Prefix + Extension number rather than the user name.


    All of user are under the same Child Domain but they work in two set of PBX system. If one user from Set 1 dial to Set 2 user, they need to input the prefix before the extension.


    I want to know that how to handle this situation properly? Is it possible to solve by Normailization rule of Address book server or type multiple number in "Line URI"? Thanks a lot for your advice.


    Best Regards

    Kenneth Chow





    Sunday, November 9, 2008 12:15 PM

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  • Are you using a single OCS front-end pool with both phone systems at the same time?

    Take a look at one of my co-workers blogs; he has a lot of good information on RCC with CUPS:
    Sunday, November 9, 2008 2:23 PM
  • Hi Jeff,

    Just read through your co-worker blog. For my situation, i am using a single OCS front-end pool with two set of PBX system at the same time. For example.

    OCSServer1 point to ---> CUPS  ---> CallManager.

    At the same time,

    OCSServer1 point to ---> CUPS2 ---> CallManager2

    Would you mind suggest how can i handle the RNL problem. For example, if Site A dial to Site B, they need to add  the prefix before the extension number.

    My normalization rule just only handle the 4 digital number but Site A user dial to Site B user, it become Prefix + 3001.

    In addition, all of user under the same child domain. Thanks for your help.

    Best Regards
    Kenneth Chow

    Sunday, November 9, 2008 2:43 PM