Several client options for the Administrator


  • I am just starting with WHS so I have to grow in it a bit but I feel the WHS connector client has less control and events standard onboard.


    What I would like to see is that for each user account, under property's, a log file for everyclient, I wanna see who is transferring on the server at each moment and I would like be able to set up/download speeds for every client at all time. It would be nice if this also can be handeld thru the webinterface when I log in to manage it from remote.


    Why up/down speed control, well, depending on file size you can adjust user accounts so bigger files get more upload speed and smaller file's get a lower uploadspeed. In that case the flow to everyone needs is adjustable.


    A log file, even on remote at all time gives ya insight when needed at all time and remotely can make adjustments to various speeds.


    Before I forget, still have to test it myself, A broken connection while up/downloading a file with resume possabillity's. It saves time and recourses if a transfer get intterupted, specially with bigger file's that can be a pain.


    So far it's all easy to handle and the standard client version, the connector, is quite good but I still miss a great deal of control.

    Thursday, December 13, 2007 11:33 PM