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  • Why should a person spend there hard earned money for a computor and operating system that does not work as advertised. I've had this system for 4 years and it seems all I so is download repairs and fixes. I seldom get to us the machine for it's intended purpose. To do this,I have to do that. To make this work I have to remove this and install that. This is rediculus. Can't all you supposedly bright people come out with a operating system that just works, one that your users don't have to spend so much time fixing your problems. Computors have been around long enough for them to have the bugs worked out, and this should not be happening. When you come out with a patch, you have to have another patch to get the first patch to work. This is depressing. I won't be using Microsoft again. I used to have a lot of respect fot Bill Gates, but I find he just created another beaurocracy that's just as bad as our federal government.


















    Saturday, February 2, 2008 10:25 PM

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