few questions about the exam i took for small business server 2008 RRS feed

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  • I have took the exam but I fail with one question witch I changed in the last moment from rihtg to wrong I made 681 points from 700 points. I don't even know how many pointrs is every question I asked prometric and they say we don't know.

    1.there was an answer that eror massage something like 607 or something to do with number 6 that when client want to connect to virtual private network he gets this error message.i had to choose and i had choosed you have to enable the virtual private network.i don't know if my answer was right or wrong.i don't remember the other options anymore.

    2-a uestion asked the most restrictive permission to give from this 2 options  for the john windows sbs link users or the windows sbs admin tools users.i choosed the windows sbs link users.i think i choosed the wrong option.but i don't understand until now the difference between this two options.is with sbs link users you can see only the organization task links or you can see also the administration task links.in my book this is not explained.

    3-there was a question that john has few rhigts to some folders and you have to some users to give john rihgts. i had to choose from this 4 options

    option 1-made a user role and ad multy users

    option2-made a user  role and change membership

    option3-made a security group and ad multy users.

    option 4-made a security group and change membership. i think option 3 is rihtg or isn't.

    4- i have to connect mobile device to server witch option do i have to choose from this options. public server adres from server or private server adres

    or ip adersses. i think i had to choose public name of server or isn't it rihgt!

    5- there were some questions about mailflow and exhange server witch is not explaind at all in my selfstudy book of beatice mulzer and walter glenn.can you advice me some book or some site that i can make some study to pass this examination.

    6-the same question i ask for sharepoint if there is some usable sites or books to pass this examination.

    7-there was a question that some one get error message when he wants to use share folders when he acces outlook web acces.and my answer was you have to enable direkt file acces option in the excange management console.i think i gave the right answer or isn't it?

    8-there was also other question that says that john has an email adress and he wants to use sales@contoso.com adres what should you do. i didn't choose you have to make a alias only to john but i choose you made a distrubution group under the recipient configuration instead of mailbox.i think i made the wrong desicion because the email adress already exist for other users.i think i had to make only email alias for john by choosing mailbox node under recipient configuration node by using mailaccount of john and creating an alias for john.

    9-there was also a question about anwanted email to stop i had to choose from this options witch i remember to enable anwanted junk email in outlook 2007 or enable connectors for anwanted coming emails in exhange.so i choosed to enable unwated email  from exhange by using the connector option.i dont't know if i choosed the right option or the wrong.can you give me some advice.

    please give short answers for my questions.

    Sunday, December 19, 2010 11:24 AM