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  • My XP Professional (32 bit) workstation crashes from time to time when an automatic backup begins.  The furstrating thing is that this only happens once in a while.  It might go for a week just fine, then BSOD every other night.  I looked at the DMP file, and this is what it shows:

    MODULE_NAME: atapi

    FAULTING_MODULE: 804d7000 nt


    BUGCHECK_STR:  0x7f_8



    LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER:  from f75dcc38 to f75dbe2b

    WARNING: Stack unwind information not available. Following frames may be wrong.
    f7434058 f75dcc38 87381370 861a48ec 00000000 atapi+0x2e2b
    f74340a4 f75df14b 87381370 861a48ec 873811c8 atapi+0x3c38
    f74340d0 804db6ab 01381030 00000002 87381030 atapi+0x614b
    f7434100 f75e007f 00000000 00000000 00000000 nt+0x46ab
    f7434118 f7977d28 87381030 00000000 f743414c atapi+0x707f
    f7434128 80703c4b 87338510 00000000 83fa4ca0 PCIIDEX+0xd28
    f743414c 80703e10 00000000 87338510 86227950 hal+0x4c4b
    f743417c f7977ddb 87381f48 87338510 86227950 hal+0x4e10
    f74341b0 f75e09a6 873385c8 83c53000 00004000 PCIIDEX+0xddb
    f74341e8 804e60d9 87381030 83fc8008 87387178 atapi+0x79a6
    f7434208 f75dfd38 87381030 83fc8008 00000000 nt+0xf0d9
    f7434234 804e13d9 87381030 00fc8008 f76a65fc atapi+0x6d38
    f7434250 f76a6e12 873c5d18 83fc8008 83fc80c0 nt+0xa3d9
    f7434280 804e13d9 873c5d18 f76bbf8c 861a4840 ACPI+0x6e12
    f74342a4 f776fcdc 861a4840 87316b70 83e07784 nt+0xa3d9
    f74342d4 f776fdcd 00004000 00004000 83e076a8 CLASSPNP+0xcdc
    f74342f8 804e13d9 87316ab8 00000000 87383238 CLASSPNP+0xdcd
    f7434318 804e13d9 873dfce8 83e076a8 83e077cc nt+0xa3d9
    f7434344 804e13d9 87335900 83e076a8 86292d28 nt+0xa3d9
    f7434370 f7758620 873109e8 873109e8 8404c61c nt+0xa3d9
    f7434400 f77509dd 8404c618 8628f868 8404c61c VolSnap+0x9620
    f7434460 f774fbbf 0028f868 8404c61c 847c160c VolSnap+0x19dd
    f743447c 804e13d9 873109e8 8628f94c 847c1688 VolSnap+0xbbf
    f743449c f7475d26 f7434884 87310930 bbfff000 nt+0xa3d9
    f743467c f7476fbc f7434884 847c1688 8735f588 Ntfs+0xd26
    f7434874 f7476c18 f7434884 847c1688 0110070a Ntfs+0x1fbc
    f74349e8 804e13d9 8731b020 847c1688 83bcb0b8 Ntfs+0x1c18
    f7434a00 f7731dd1 873305d0 847c1688 847c1688 nt+0xa3d9
    f7434a2c f7731f03 873305d0 007c1688 862d0268 SSFS0BB9+0x2dd1
    f7434a48 804e13d9 873305d0 847c1688 847c1688 SSFS0BB9+0x2f03
    f7434a84 804e13d9 862d0268 847c1688 86308ca8 nt+0xa3d9
    f7434aa4 804e13d9 862d03a0 847c1688 847c1688 nt+0xa3d9
    f7434ad8 f757e06b f7434af8 873dc890 00000000 nt+0xa3d9
    f7434b10 804e13d9 873dc890 847c1688 00001000 fltmgr+0x406b
    f7434b34 f749713c 8731cf0c 87338cc8 f7434bd8 nt+0xa3d9
    f7434c00 f7497089 e101c978 e5280160 e3653730 Ntfs+0x2213c
    f7434c24 f749851f e101c978 e5280160 e101ca28 Ntfs+0x22089
    f7434c7c f74dbee6 e101c978 000000e0 00000001 Ntfs+0x2351f
    f7434d30 f74961ff e100de40 00000002 f7434df0 Ntfs+0x66ee6
    f7434eb4 f74ab77c f74354b4 8630ee68 00000000 Ntfs+0x211ff
    f7435040 f74a03f9 f74354b4 8630ee68 83f1e240 Ntfs+0x3677c
    f74351bc f74a0225 f74354b4 e199ac58 00000008 Ntfs+0x2b3f9
    f743528c f74a0a1e f74354b4 e199ac58 00000000 Ntfs+0x2b225
    f7435498 f749ad4d f74354b4 838e1bc0 838e1db4 Ntfs+0x2ba1e
    f7435610 804e13d9 8731b020 838e1bc0 83fc8710 Ntfs+0x25d4d
    f7435644 f7731f03 873305d0 008e1bc0 862d0268 nt+0xa3d9
    f7435660 804e13d9 873305d0 838e1bc0 838e1bc0 SSFS0BB9+0x2f03
    f743569c 804e13d9 862d0268 838e1bc0 86308ca8 nt+0xa3d9
    f74356bc 804e13d9 862d03a0 838e1bc0 838e1bc0 nt+0xa3d9
    f74356f0 f757e06b f7435710 873dc890 00000000 nt+0xa3d9
    f7435728 804e13d9 873dc890 838e1bc0 838e1bc0 fltmgr+0x406b
    f7435768 8056f9a2 873c4660 873dc890 00100001 nt+0xa3d9
    f743579c 8056faf5 873c4660 00000001 873e7ad0 nt+0x989a2
    f74357c4 8056fa1b e1001dc0 83aba3b8 00000db8 nt+0x98af5
    f743580c 8056fa65 00000db8 00000000 00000000 nt+0x98a1b
    f7435820 804dd99f 80000db8 f7435904 804e3487 nt+0x98a65
    f743582c 804e3487 badb0d00 f74358a4 f7435854 nt+0x699f
    f7435904 f7677f37 87330688 e48c700c f743597b nt+0xc487
    f743592c f767831f 83ec99b8 f7435964 f743597b SSIDRV+0x14f37
    f743596c f7731cf5 87330688 00e1c540 8416b540 SSIDRV+0x1531f
    f743599c f7731f03 873305d0 00e1c540 83ec99b8 SSFS0BB9+0x2cf5
    f74359b8 804e13d9 873305d0 83e1c540 83e1c540 SSFS0BB9+0x2f03
    f74359f8 804e13d9 862d0268 83e1c540 83ec99b8 nt+0xa3d9
    f7435a54 804e13d9 862d0458 00000001 83e1c540 nt+0xa3d9
    f7435a94 804e13d9 873dc890 83e1c540 83e1c540 nt+0xa3d9
    f7435b84 8056d03b 87335900 00000000 8617fd10 nt+0xa3d9
    f7435bfc 80570358 00000000 f7435c3c 00000240 nt+0x9603b
    f7435c50 8057c246 00000000 00000000 49e71400 nt+0x99358
    f7435ccc 80584cc8 f7435ed8 00100080 f7435e7c nt+0xa5246
    f7435d14 f758c5b9 f7435ed8 00100080 f7435e7c nt+0xadcc8
    f7435dc0 f758ca28 86308228 87310458 f7435ed8 fltmgr+0x125b9
    f7435e04 f7550c19 86308228 87310458 f7435ed8 fltmgr+0x12a28
    f7435ecc f751e297 87330a50 e19a8d10 00000000 SYMEFA+0x37c19
    f7435f18 f751e753 00000001 e19a8b48 e19c4450 SYMEFA+0x5297
    f7435f30 f751e8c5 f7435f64 00000000 e19c4450 SYMEFA+0x5753


    f75dbe2b 53              push    ebx


    SYMBOL_NAME:  atapi+2e2b

    FOLLOWUP_NAME:  MachineOwner

    IMAGE_NAME:  atapi.sys


    Followup: MachineOwner

    1: kd> lmvm atapi
    start    end        module name
    f75d9000 f75f0900   atapi    T (no symbols)          
        Loaded symbol image file: atapi.sys
        Image path: atapi.sys
        Image name: atapi.sys
        Timestamp:        Sun Apr 13 14:40:29 2008 (4802539D)
        CheckSum:         0001CD25
        ImageSize:        00017900
        Translations:     0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4

    Any help greatly appreciated!

    Saturday, May 30, 2009 10:12 PM

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  • Atapi.sys is related to CD-Rom drives. A couple of CD emulators such as Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120% lock the atapi.sys file, which can cause BSOD when trying to back the file up. Go you have any of those prgrams installed? You may want to try a newer version or an alternative like Virtual Clone Drive. There are also malware/viruses that have been known to replace atapi.sys, so you could check that too.

    There's plenty of info on the net about atapi.sys BSOD
    Good luck
    Sunday, May 31, 2009 2:08 AM
  • Thanks, I will check this out further.  I don't have either Daemon or Alcohol installed on this machine (although I do think I had the latter at one point),

    Sunday, May 31, 2009 9:31 PM