Are there persons in research who are looking at redefining average stress as layers of mental frictions? RRS feed

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  • I have been working on this theory for many years.  I have redefined average stress as layers of mental frictions that take up mental energy.  I feel the mind is like a wonderful computer for all of us and and "aside from organic dysfunction" pretty much the same for all.  I feel our individual envirionments do greatly affect thinking, learning, motivation to learn, and also our mental/emotional health.  Try to visualize an upright rectangle representing our full mental energy.  Three or four year olds have all of that mental energy.  As we get older, we have the same mental energy but it is taken up by accumulation more experiences and mental frictions or loose strings our minds are dealing with (picture little horizontal lines from the bottom that take up mental energy).  Some students are working with two or three times as many layers of mental frictions that take up mental energy.  This takes away from learning and motivation to learn. 

    I feel by redefining our average stress as layers of mental frictions all of us will then have a method of approaching our individual environments more delicately to learn to slowly understand more the elements of our individual environments and the various  mental frictions in our lives.   We can then learn how to slowly understand, resolve, and make slight changes in our weights and values to more permanently reduce layers of mental frictions to continually improve learning, motivation, and mental/emotional health.

    What makes this theory much more important is the view that as layers of mental frictions accumulate to high levels, they can create both shorter reflection time and psychological suffering that can lead to drug/alcohol abuse, violence, and suicide.  So by removing the terrible teaching of fixed intelligences and showing students how our individual environments and not genetics greatly affect our lives, every student will then have more respect for themselves and for others.  Providing also tools such as this to continually improve will provide students and adults with tools to continually change and improve their lives.

    This will also help explain and curb the growing Male Crisis by showing how more rough and distant treatment from an early age is creating more impeded learning for Male students.  Theory to all from profile.  I would surely hope to know someone else is looking at this possible cognitive tool.  My theory can be researched.  The current multiple intelligence model cannot be researched yet is accepted by our schools and is killing our students by creating feelings of hopelessness and much anxiety.

    Thursday, January 19, 2012 4:14 AM