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  • I am a complete rookie to OCS 2007. I installed a standard server and everything appears to be installed correctly on the server. We first want to use the server as a web conferencing server. I have 2 questions:


    1. I went into AD and added our users. However, none of them can connect using the Outlook Live Meeting connector. When we try to create a meeting, we are given the "User Account" dialog. We enter username@domain.com to login (ex. joe@ocs.mycompany.com). When we use the "Test Connection", we get an error that says "Cannot connect because the information entered may be incorrect or incorrectly formatted". Any ideas on what we're doing wrong?


    2. We then wanted to try to access via the Web. One problem. We are not sure how. Does OCS 2007 automatically setup a web site where people can connect via the web? It did not seem apparent to use when we looked in IIS.


    Thx much!!

    Monday, December 10, 2007 12:40 AM

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  • I hope you resolved your issue by now.


    1. Make sure in the advance options that you have the correct FQDN to your internal server, seems you don't have the external one setup yet so dont worry about it now. Also specify the username and password (just for testing sake) so make it domain\username and fill out password.


    2. Depends what functions you want to access from the web, Live meeting, IM, address book, Live Meeting AV.. With all of these addtional servers are required, Accessedge server that is. So for a bacis setup, setup a server with a public IP and put it in your Community zone (or protected DMZ) and Deploy the Access Edge Server and the Web Conferencing Server together on one computer. You will need an FQDNs registered for external access and one on your internal domain, so for example

    external dns:

    accessedge.externaldomain.com : external IP address number one

    livemeeting.externaldomain.com : external IP address number 2

    sip.externaldomain.com :: points to accessedge.externaldomain.com 's IP address

    livemeetingcontent :: external ip address Number three, used for reverse proxy to provide content for live meetings, you can ISA server for reverse proxy, on different server.


    internal DNS:

    accessedge.internaldomain points to differnt ip on same box port 5061 has to be open bi-directional on firewall

    livemeeting.internaldomain can point to same ip as accessedge.internaldaomain 8057 open bi-directional on firewall.


    If your going to do livemeeting as well you will need to stand up a reverse proxy, I do not recommend publish out you FrontEnd Office Comm server. SO you set up ISA to do the reverse proxy of the Web conference content so no outside users are touching your inside Office Comm box directly.


    I recommend you read the OCS_edgeserverdeploy.doc from Microsoft, you will need to get Certificates for these servers as well and it can help u get them right.

    Wednesday, January 2, 2008 1:30 PM
  • I believe you may have the answer to my problem.


    Standard Server implementation with Edge and no director

     Published A recs are:

    im.company.com                This is the published web farm fqdn 

    external.company.com        This is for meeting content download, works fine through ISA 200

    Web.company.com             Web Conferencing role


    External IM, Address Book expansion and all published web sites accessible from external source, Live Meeting continues to get an error when "Meet Now" is selected.  It's the same message as I'll give in a second, but when I remove a sign in name and all configured settings, and attempt to join a meeting in progress on an internal machine, the external account shows up as an attendee for a few seconds, and then receives an error message:  Live Meeting cannot connect to the Meeting.  Wait a few moments and try again."


    Also, the Front End Server logs the following error, which I'm unable to find any information at all:

    Event ID 14507

    At least one attempt to reference stale (non-existent or deleted) security association was detected.

    There were 1 messages with signature that referenced stale (non-existent or deleted) security association in the last 0 minutes. The last one was this SIP message:


    According to your answer above, I would need another IP address and apply it to the ISA server to accomplish the Web Conferencing role, is this correct?  Can you please elaborate on the process of the connection, ISA Publishing rule, and exactly what IP's are needed?  I've been through all the documentation and I'm at the end of my rope here...






    Wednesday, January 2, 2008 6:18 PM