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  • First off, I'm a developer new to Microsoft (yeah, I finally joined the evil empire). Recently joined the forums and noticed some really good things (and some not-so-good things). Hence, thought of leaving a note.

    • The "arrow" next to a thread is pretty cool!!! Love the way it shows the entire thread on the same page. This seems like a pretty useful feature. Also, this isn't a very common feature on other forums that I visit. It would be useful if it is better exposed and more discoverable.
    • The "related topics" that show up below the "title" on the "new question/discussion page". The results in that section are so completely unrelated. Seems like the results of some random number generator. It seems to be matching based on words in the title. However, it's matching even simple text like "how", "do", "I", "some", "about", "and"...
    • I can't tab from the "title" to the "body" while I am typing in on the "new question/discussion page"
    • While looking around the forums, I noticed some "Back" links in some places. That seemed wierd and completely out of place (although, I can't seem to now figure out where I saw that link). Why is there a "Back" link in some places, but no "Back" link in other places? Also, the "Back" link seems to work in the same way as the browser back button. Or is there a hidden feature around here (like the "arrow")? :)
    • Lastly, how do I include emoticons within a post?

    Of course, overall, this seems to be a great set of forums... Different from the typical forums available out there, but "good" different... Keep up the good work! Hoping my experience with the Microsoft Visual C# Express development suite continue to remain as pleasant...

    Pari Raz
    Thursday, September 10, 2009 3:10 PM