New Home Page URL Not Accepted in Forum User Information RRS feed

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  • Recently, Time Warner's Roadrunner migrated all of its home page users to a different URL that contained the tilde (~) as part of the address.  This forum users' information page does not accept a URL with this symbol and displays an error when it's entered.  My home page is now
    and it will not work without the tilde symbol before "bobengel". 

    I suggest that the forum page designers change this restriction as many Roadrunner users who must migrate to their new home page system will have this symbol assigned to them in their URL.  I admit that I find this rather unusual but when I tried to access my home page without the tilde, it didn't work; however, I have no choice but to accept Roadrunner's requirements at this time.


    Robert M. Engelbardt
    Wednesday, December 17, 2008 8:06 PM