don't let the vertical scrollbar overlap the post/reply editing area RRS feed

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  • Because the vertical scrollbar overlaps the post/reply editing portion of the page, the ui suggests that if you scroll, the entire page, including the reply editing area will scroll in the browser. But what actually happens is that the post/reply editing portion is fixed and only the threads above it will scroll. This is good however it's not apparent. One of my colleagues who just started using the forums this week stopped me in the hallway to complain about the fact that when he starts a reply to a post, that the original post is covered up by the reply editor...i.e. he didn't realize the scrollbar would only scroll the thread area. I had that same impression when I first started using the forums. So I think the solution is to make the scrollbar stop at the reply editing portion of the page.

    Wednesday, March 5, 2008 11:16 PM

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  • I see how this is confusing, and we've got it on the list to review for the next release. Thanks for the feedback!

    Forums Product Planner, Andrew.Brenner at Microsoft.com
    Friday, April 18, 2008 11:05 PM