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  • (I apologize in advance to Hans if this has been covered before. If it has has should blame the search function where I specified this forum and searched on "My Forums")

    Having just added (in the order I wanted to see the forums in) forums into My Forums from a few different "sets" of forums, I am amazed by the order in which they appear.

    There seems to be no logical reason for it.

    1. The order is not the order I added the forums in and also isn't the reverse of that order.

    2. The order is not in alphabetical order (ascending or descending)

    3. Forums from the same "set" of forums are not grouped together.

    In other words it is unclear as to whether this My Forums function will help me at all - the four forums I mostly visit are next to each other in the present forum system and the other SharePoint forums follow. (But not here)

    My suggestion therefore is that you add a dropdown box into which the user can insert a number which will be the sort number for the forums. (If you want to make this even better, allow a similar function for the "set" level.)

    Look at the Site Settings of a SharePoint List View to see how to do this.  (Fields are listed with the sort number defined; that can be amended for one field whereupon ll the other numbers change accordingly).

    P.S. As my main work machine was very busy I started using my old work machine which still has IE 6. This worked fine with v2 of the software but in the present version all the threads in each forum are marked as unread (yes, I am signed in and re-signed-in to make sure).

    P.P.S. Positive was that I could add forums from both msdn and technet.   (Later: Not that positive. While I can go to MSDN to add a forum that is there to the ones I added from TechNet, it's not available in the My Forums list when I'm in TechNet - despite all that it is is a link to the forum .....)

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    Friday, April 3, 2009 10:33 AM

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  • In this thread I asked if we could have the order of forums in My Forums fixed (with my preference being for the user to be able to select the order).

    Rob J suggested that fixing the order (but not the user selection) could be implemented fairly quickly.
    Friday, April 3, 2009 11:15 PM
  • Yes, I thought it ought to have been reported already which is why I tried to search for it. (Poor search function - a comment that has been heard before ...)

    They seem now to have done something to it which means that it is now (at least in this browser?) alphabetical.

    Not perfect and I might remove a couple of lesser used forums from it as they come very close to the top and mean I need to scroll to get to the ones I use the most, but it's still much better than no order at all.

    I too am hoping for user selection (+ the ability to have both MSDN and TechNet forums in the list AND have them visible irresepective as to whether I am accessing the forums via social.technet or social.msdn).

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    Saturday, April 4, 2009 10:34 AM