Temporarily moved OEM XP Pro HDD, now I want to restore my system. RRS feed

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    Hello, here's my problem -


    On the day before thanksgiving my computer would not POST. I needed to pay some bills online before leaving for vacation so in a panic I threw the HDD into an old Socket A computer I had in the garage. I had to do a telephone validation to reinstall XP on the drive and get the computer to a point where I could get online to pay the bills. The old computer I'm on now died in 03 when the HDD crashed and I could not find my Win98SE disks, so it went in the boneyard and it was time to build a faster system anyway. Now my good computer (only a socket 462 but good in my eyes), the one I bought this XP Pro OEM copy for, is POSTing fine and ready for action. All I had to do was take out the memory sticks and blow the dust out of the DDR sockets. Wish I knew then what I know now, oh well.


    Question--- If I put the HDD and OEM license that was originally registered to my good mobo/CPU back in that machine, will it work? Does this comply with the EULA? Or do I need to buy a new OEM copy?


    You can stop reading and answer that if you like, below is some more background...


    Anyway, I was going to get another OEM copy and HDD for the good computer and keep this tbird900 going for the kids, but wife says no, I spend too much $ on computers and she is worried about kids becoming "computer addicts", never saw the reason to build this one in 2003, on and on...


    My preferred option would be to go back to where I was 2 days before thanksgiving - can I just reinstall this HDD and XP license back into the good computer? Do the "windows licensing authorities" remember the HDD and motherboard and CPU that are registered with this license, so I could do a system restore from my external 500GB USB drive? I'm worried about messing things up when I telephone validated my XP license to this old machine.


    I could put the good PC in the boneyard and stay with this dinosaur, but the trouble is it's running dog slow even for a tbird900 plus I am now having problems which I suspect relate to me moving this OEM copy of XP to the old computer. I've been doing updates all week, but now I can't get past the Windows Installer 3.1 update. I tried all the applicable steps at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/555175, but I get an Access Denied error during this update, or it fails silently during the shutdown update. Plus I can't get a couple security updates because the Genuine Advantage webpage says my copy of XP cannot be validated due to "unknown error". Are these enforcements against my moving the harddisk to an old computer in a jam?

    Friday, November 30, 2007 4:33 AM