Manually instruct ICE in what order to composite the images? RRS feed

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  • So I took three pictures, in the order center, left then right. Call them 1.JPG (center), 2.JPG (left) and 3.JPG (right).

    I tried to get ICE to composite them in left-center-right order. No can do. I had to rename them 1.JPG (left), 2.JPG (center) and 3.JPG (right), and then ICE got the order correct.

    Is there a way in ICE to tell ICE "This file first, that one second, this other one third" regardless of the naming, or dates, or metadata, or anything else about the files? A drag-and-drop ordering interface?
    I did find the File -> New Structured Panorama menu item, but the weird shift-the-boxes interface just wouldn't let me come up with the order I needed until I renamed the files as noted above (And then I didn't need the Structured option, because the default one got it right).


    Sunday, June 12, 2011 8:50 PM