2.0.2284.28 to 2.0.2318.12 Migrating User settings Was not Very Easy RRS feed

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    I had a heck of an Issue that surfaced since updating to 2.0.2318.12 Print Sharing I reported earlier and now I just discovered Firewall was having Issues the previous settings did not migrate over to the new build very well Firewall, Print Sharing, & My xbox360 (Firewall) Issue. After a few days and alot of figuring stuff out. The issues were resolved by me and Wloc Help & support site pointing me to the Issues I was having and narrowing down a solution on my own. 



    Resolutions : Print Sharing removing all printers and networking print devices (shared printers) and let wloc do it's detecting thing 

    Firewall Connectivity Issue: resetting all auto detected allowed items, Default reset fixed my connectivity issues and got my xbox, backup & other services allowed so they work.



    The Comment: As a updating build a user shouldn't have to manually reset WLOC to get the next build to run correctly. 


    Suggestion: install process for beta should automatic delete all previous settings and re-run first launch setup


    Release build Idea: install should install over exsisting build of Wloc and ask to Migrate previous settings or remove them User Choice.

    Friday, August 17, 2007 5:59 PM