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  • 1. There is a "new MSDN Profile preview version" (can't provide a link, see #4). It doesn't show my profile image correctly. The image has a size of 220x220 pixels as you recommended it on upload. The viewport on the profile size is smaller and the image extends to the bottom and right side out of the visible area. Observed with latest stable Firefox on Windows 7.

    2. In both, new and classic views, my profile image has very poor quality. I have uploaded a very clear PNG image and the website has downsampled it to a highly compressed JPEG image with artifacts around all edges.

    3. The FAQ on the profile page say that I should use the "Site feedback" link at the bottom of each page to report bugs. The additional bug is that there is no such feedback link at all!

    4. I get this message in this forum whenever I want to post something with a link: "Body text cannot contain images or links until we are able to verify your account." I have verified my account to the fullest extent possible, answered every e-mail, entered every code. There is nothing more I can do and there is nothing more Microsoft wants me to do. Yet my account is still not fully functional. This reminds me of my early days at Facebook. Nothing worked at all, literally, bugs everywhere! I deleted my account and registered the same again, that worked. Should I try the same with Microsoft? Are they on the same low level?

    I hope a forum technician is watching this forum to forward these reports to the appropriate issue tracking within Microsoft. I'm looking forward to a swift solution to these issues. And I'd love to see a feedback link on every Microsoft page, as there are lots of bugs to report but Microsoft just doesn't want to listen to them. Visual Studio RC feedback has worked surprisingly well, at least people contacted me to ask for details and indicate they've actually read it. This should be the case in the entire company!

    Saturday, July 18, 2015 10:05 AM


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