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  • Ok so when I buiilt my server I had 1 2TB hard drive. As I started loading things on it I realised how small that can become and in a hurry so I added 2 more 2TB hard drives. I moved my videos folder to a 2TB drive by its lonesome and use a 2TB drive for backups and a third one for all else. OK before I added the new HDDs I was able to see all my MP4 videos. I then moved the folder to a new HDD and ripped about 20 more DVD's and Blu-Rays. They are all transcoded into MP4. Only problem is I no longer see the new ones just the original 19 movies I started with. I use my Logitech Revue and DLNA to stream to my TV.

    Yesterday I was screwing around with my wifes mini netbook and when I went to my server remotely (https//"myserver".homeserver.com) I can click on the videos to the right and it shows only the original 19 MP4's but if I click on folders and go to the folder it shows all of them. Anyone much smarter than me have a sugestion? Do I need to set something to rescan the folder periodically or something?

    Last Night I went home from work and tried this. I logged in and turned off sharing, restsrted the server, turned sharing back on, and restarted the server again and still only sees the original MP4's I had on there.

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  • I can't tell you why you're having trouble indexing your files for streaming; I don't have any issue with this. I can suggest some things worth looking at, though:

    • File names shouldn't contain special characters, shouldn't be too long, etc.
    • You shouldn't have an extensive set of tags for your media; it's not unheard of for non-standard tags to cause problems with media indexing.
    • File paths shouldn't be arbitrarily long; try to keep it under 255 characters.
    • You should make very sure that your media uses codecs that are supported; both video and audio codecs should be supported. (Try ripping to WMA/WMV to see what happens.)

    Also, please submit a bug on Connect.

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  • The only character in any of the names is an _ between words. Tags aren't anything special we are only talking about 27 movies. File paths are simple the MP4's are in the videos folder. As far sa codecs I am very new to servers and ripping/transcoding and all I do is stick the dvd or blu ray in the drive and My Movies rips it automtically to a folder, then AVA automatically transcodes it to MP4 for streaming. I know this removes the 5.1 sound and some quality but it is just for streaming and if I want true blu ray quality I can always stick the original in the Boob Tube.

    Anyways I am lost here.

    And not sure how to submit a bug on connect.

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