Debugging .itrace file


  • Hi,

    I need to start working on Intellitrace standalone collector to gather information on my production servers and identifying the non-reproducible problems.

    To start with I have written a very simple code (Windows form application) to throw Divide by Zero Exception and collected the .itrace file for the same.

    After that when I opened the .itrace file to check how to debug using trace file I am able to reach the location at which Exception was thrown but when I tried to check values in Locals I am not able to find anything.

    I have also set symbols path under Debug in Options on VS.Can someone please tell me if I am missing something...might be I need to do some changes in standalone collector settings or something else...

    I am Using Intellitrace StandAlone Collector for VS 2013 and I am using VS 2013 Ulimate Edotion.



    Friday, October 12, 2018 12:25 AM