How to report a fake "Microsoft" website (no phishing seen; just deceptive)? RRS feed

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  • The site I'm reporting has not "phish"ed me, nor installed any viruses... it's just (1) wasting time, and (2) misusing Microsoft's credibility.   I want to find MICROSOFT solutions easily, and want the same for others. 

    The site is:

    I was doing an internet search on "powershell command termination for scheduled tasks", and the site above was returned as the FIRST result returned (on Google).  The page has a "Microsoft Error Help" heading line, has the Microsoft flying window logo, Windows 7 logo, etc., (and also --side note-- misuses the "McAfee Secure" logo -- it's not clickable). 

    It offers a "Download Now" button, "to repair Task Scheduler Powershell" with the "Reimage software program"... you get the idea. I did *NOT* download.

    But when I went to look for a place to report this to Microsoft, I saw links related to "phishing", which this has not done (at least not yet... maybe if I clicked Download).  But I have not seen any links to simply report that a page is making itself look like it's Microsoft.  Is there a place to report this?

    Doug Ivison

    Thursday, November 20, 2014 4:36 PM