I am having a problem with my Acer Easystore H340 RRS feed

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  • Hi guys,

    All the lights are blue and fine, network light blinks as it should, the 'i' light is blue, all HDD lights are blue.  I can ping the server.  The server shows up both in windows under the 'network' section of explorer and in OSX on the left side of the finder window. 

    If I manually power the server off (the only way for me to power it off because it is unresponsive) and power it back on, I can RDP into the server for a brief period and accomplish a few things before it becomes unresponsive.  After that period I am no longer able to RDP into the server.

    Clicking on the server in either the windows explorer 'network' section or the section in finder on OSX does not allow me to access the files after the period of responsiveness.  I don't know what to do.  The admin that posted in the thread listed above said it was a dying drive, how can I test this?

    If anyone else has any suggestions, please let me know! Thanks!

    P.S.  Here is an oddity.  On the easystore, when the HDD access light is on, I can access the server and shares just fine.  Once that light goes off, I can no longer access the drives.  Is this sounding like a bad hard drive?  I just ran chkdsk while I could and it is reporting no bad sectors, the Home Server SMART add-in is reporting 'pending bad sectors: 194' on the system disk.  I have some extra hard drives laying around, just wondering what I should do next. 

    And here is another oddity.  When I started typing this post the HDD access light was off and the server was unresponsive.  The light just kicked back on and it is still pretty unresponsive (connected to it via RDP).  I cannot access the files via explorer.  I am going to shut the system down (hard shutdown is the only thing I can do in this case) and leave it off until I figure out what to do next.  Should I be looking at replacing the system drive?  Is there a better way for me to test these drives?  What other suggestions do you have?

    Monday, January 21, 2013 11:52 PM


  • It turns out it was a dead main drive.  Thank you no one.

    Also, if anyone stumbles across this thread, while attempting to do the restore I first followed the steps here

    http://www.intensegamingtv.com/entries/2-The-REAL-way-to-get-Windows-Home-Server-running-on-an-Acer-Aspire-EasyStore-AH340 (the guy links back to a WGS thread)

    to get the server into recovery mode, but I was getting the "network error" message when attempting recovery.

    So next I followed tinus' solution in this thread


    and everything worked. 

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