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    I'm not sure if this type of error could cause any windows security issues but I thought I should mention it here.


    I've noticed ftp lock up and crash multiple times when transfering files and narrowed it down to the fact that on unix based systems the file system does not seem to choke on the asterik in a file name (at least not the system i'm currently using). When attempting to move those files to windows however, windows times out or sometimes instantly disconnects user within some ftp programs.


    When attempting to save file from pretty much every application I tried, when entering ** as part of the file name there was no error message and nothing was saved, everything remained exactly the same as before except for a refresh on the file window.



    Since this could be considered a stability issue I figured I should report it asap.




    Thursday, October 4, 2007 4:46 PM


  • This isn't a stability issue - in all Windows Operating Systems, the characters \ / ? : * " > < | are illegal for use in a file name. If you try to rename a file using an asterisk using Windows Explorer you will automatically receive a popup from the rename field stating that you cannot use those characters. Unix only restricts the use of space and / in file names. Microsoft Word for example will not actually let you save a file using any illegal characters, upon trying to be sure, neither would notepad or mspaint.


    The refresh on the file window when attempting a save using an asterisk may or may not accompany a ding, but it shouldn't save - it just isn't allowed.


    Restricted characters in file names:

    OS Win 95/98 Win 2000+ Unix/Linux
    Restricted "/\*?<>|: "/\*?<>|: Space /
    Directory Separator  \ \ /
    Thursday, October 4, 2007 6:35 PM