IP Address keeps changing RRS feed

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    Running RC1 (upgrading soon) and using a Buffalo router running DD-WRT firmware. Internet connection runs fine when the port forwarding is set the the WHS system, but for some reason, the IP address on the WHS changes without warning. Gotta jump back into the router settings and change the port forwarding to the new address. Day or two later, it's changed again. Question is, is the IP address on the WHS system controlled by WHS or the router? If WHS, how do I get it to stay put? If it's the router, does anyone familiar with DD-WRT know what I need to set to keep the IP address on the WHS system?
    Friday, December 14, 2007 1:56 PM


  • The easiest solution, IMHO, is to configure the WHS for a static LAN IP address. See this article for help setting that up.




    Just make sure it is outside the range of addresses your router DHCP server assigns. With DD-WRT I believe that range starts at and goes up. For example you might select for your WHS box.


    DD-WRT, at least the last time I ran it, also has a function to reserve a DHCP assigned IP address based on the clients MAC address. I believe DD-WRT called that static DHCP. Check the DD-WRT documentation for further help.


    Lastly you can probably change the DHCP address lease time for the DD-WRT DHCP server to a longer period. I don't know what the default is so check the DD-WRT documentation, etc.

    Friday, December 14, 2007 2:12 PM