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  • When planning a long day of driving my RV I would like to have reasonable accurate arrival time.  I am trying to learn how to set Route Options / Driving speeds but the travel time for given distance seem short.  I have tried back calculating the MPH S&T uses for Limited Acess roads but the numbers don't seem to work out to any reasonable speed.

    Someone must know the average speed for each level for each type of road.  For S&T to be useful being able to set reasonable speeds for RV travel is necessary.


    Well with no answers I made the effort to learn the average speed MS is expecting.  Setting the speed to the slowest setting S&T apparently uses 60 mph for the average speed for Limited access roads.  This is clearly unreasonable and potenially unsafe if someone plans a trip and expects to arrive at a specific time after a day's driving.

    At the fastest setting MS thinks an average of 80 mph is possible.

    These numbers may be OK in Nevada but not many roads in the country will allow these speeds to be your average.   In my opinion this makes S&T useless for travel planning as withour reasonable travel times you can't plan your arrival time so looking for lodging is an exercise in futility for you may be hours late unless you are willing to drive 15 to 30 mph faster than posted speed limit.

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