Slow Transfers... AGAIN!? RRS feed

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  • Ok, long story, but will try to be brief. I ran WHS for nearly two years without a whole lot of issue. It was great. Then I started getting slow transfer speeds and random errors. I root caused pretty much everything, swapped cables, tried a different router and switch, add-on SATA cards, got new Intel NIC's, ran MemTest, no issues. After doing a chkdisk on every disk turns out one of my disks had a lot of bad sectors. Not sure how/why this would affect transfer speeds, but whatever. So after doing a chkdsk on EVERY drive, I got the problematic drive replaced with RMA. I decided to do a new install anyhow because of other issues I was having. I backed up all my data, and just dealt with losing my system backups since I didn't really need a history and just did a drive image of every machine (yes I know about BDBB).

    With the new install I also enabled AHCI because that was a supposed issue with some people and slow transfer speeds. I did the F6 driver install and everything without issue too. Things seemed to be going well with the new install and transfer speeds were good for a couple months. But now just recently, I'm back to slow transfer speeds, about 2MB/sec. My WHS consists of an Athlon64 X2 5200+, 2GB DDR2 800, one 1TB WD Caviar Black 7200RPM as system drive, six 2TB WD Caviar Green (four EADS, two EARS with jumper installed), I have GB router and switch, and GB NICs on all my machines (currently only 3 of 7 registered with WHS). I even tried running with just the EADS drives to see if the EARS were causing a problem and still same issue (EARS should act like EADS with single partition with jumper enabled anyhow).

    Drive activity with transfer is only about 5MB/s max across all drives (added together), so it's not like the system is saturated, network activity is low, as is CPU activity. DEMigrator.exe process is even low. Bounces around a bit, but still < 30% CPU at max.

    Another thing is that the drive distribution of data is skewed towards one drive, which in the past I think was pretty even across all drives except system drive. Also, temperatures aren't showing except on one drive, when it showed on all drives with my previous WHS install. I don't get it.

    I'm at a loss as to what to do? Only thing I can think of is another bad disk. What's the probability of that?

    I'm ready to just go all in with Vail. Speaking of which is it possible to install Vail on my same system and convert all my data, or do I have to back it up and import it?
    I don't have money to buy all new hardware.
    Monday, April 4, 2011 6:04 PM