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  • I have windowsXP Home and IE7. I have purchased the Live One Care. Right now the back up shows that it is off.
    I want to know exactly how to back up my whole C: drive with Live One Care.
    I have a choice of three places to store the files.
    Back up drive, External hard drive, or the hard drive from my old computer which I had put into this one for extra storage.
    I need to know how to do this, and how it works. I want to back up the whole C: drive at least once a week. and I also need to know if it will copy the whole thing or just what's new. Does it do it automatically or manually? If manually, I need instructions for that too. How do I know what to delete when the drive gets full?
    My idea is that if I have a crisis, then I would have everything I need to get going again. I'm not computer literate at all. I do not have a tech for 100 miles. I need someone to walk me through this set up and to explain how it works.
    Thankyou very much
    Monday, January 19, 2009 5:55 PM


  • OneCare does not backup the whole PC. it only backs up data, selected by configuring the backup plan in OneCare. You choose the file types to be backed up and where to backup to. Note that you cannot backup any files from \Windows or \Program Files and there are a number of file types that will never be backed up by OneCare. This article contains the list: 


    In the event of a drive failure or other need to restore your data, you would reinstall Windows to a new drive or after a wipe of the drive, then install OneCare, then use the restore wizard to restore your data.

    When you perform the first backup, it is a *full* backup of all data matching your plan. Subsequent backups will only be for new or changed files.

    OneCare will backup data to an external USB drive, CD/DVD, some flash media (thumb drives), or a network Share. it cannot use an internal drive for the backup destination without using an unsupported workaround (explanation pinned to the top of this forum topic folder).

    If you wish to perform a full image based backup and bare metal recovery, meaning your backup returns your PC to the state of the last backup - all files, programs, settings, etc., you will need to get a different program. One that I have used in the past is Acronis True Image. www.acronis.com


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    Monday, January 19, 2009 6:15 PM