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    I have a VB6 project that takes RTF documents and searches, replaces and reformats information in these RTF's.  One command is a Move that takes a literal and places it into an element as follows:

    [M0005="535"]    [0005]  This is meant to put the literal 535 in italics into element 0005 and then to place it in the output RTF document.

    This code is in document in RTF but when I look at the RTF code the italics only starts at the 3 and not at the first 5.

    This coding works perfectly on Word 2000 but seems to go awry on Word 2010, why is this and is there a way to make it work correctly?

    The output samples are as follows:

    Word 2000 = 535

    Word 2010 = 535

    Please help

    Also what is the way forward if RFT is not operating correctly?


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  • Sorry but your post was improperly moved to this forum.  VB6 is not supported any longer within the Microsoft community.  You'll need to search the web for VB6 forums.  This thread will be moved to the off-topic forum.

    That said, there appears to be a difference in the way the placeholder text is measured when applying the formatting.  Without seeing the code there's no way to say what might be wrong.

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