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  • I purchased Call Of Duty Black Ops and Fable II for my 14 and 15 year old son for Christmas 2010 ($60.00 each). Within one month both games are in operable due to a deep ring burnt into each disc by our two year old xbox 360 ($300.00). In my efforts to find out why microsoft, activision, and flextronics none of the above will take any responsibility. The only explaination given was the console had to be bumped or moved during operation. Our local Game Stop store said the console should be kept in a flat position (which we do) and micrsoft says it should be kept in a vertical position. So which is it? Where are the warnings and cautons how to properly use such a frigiale machine marketed to our children? Our console is always kept in a sturdy cabinet and we have had wireless controllers from day one ($60.00 each x 4). I was told that for $20.00 more dollars I could recieve new game disc, with no guarantee that it would happen again. This is not a solution, it is dishonest business at my expense!!! So I will fall in with the other thousands if not more of UNSATISIFIED consumers who will no longer buy microsoft products. I can testify that I never had any problems with my old nintendo consoles or games. Is Microsoft only conserned about making a profit instead of offering a quality product? Time to give Sony Playstation my undivided attention.
    Sunday, March 13, 2011 8:49 PM