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  • Last night I've installed the HPE64 edition of Vista and had no real problems except with the bootmanager. It seems that when you have several harddrives in the system pre-partitioned the Vista installer makes up its own drive letter assignments. In my case it installed Vista on drive D: but after the installation was done and Vista booted for the first time, the drive letter assignment suddenly changed to C:

    Not a biggy I thought but the new bootmanager of Vista didn't like this at all and it won't boot without the DVD being present in the system. So.. I booted from DVD, started System Recovery and tried to let it automatically recover my bootsector which failed. The problem is that Vista Setup now tries to recover the boot sector of Drive D which does not contain an operating system (because it's on C) and thus it fails. I tried a lot but I didn't find any way to make it recover the bootsector of drive C.

    Also I've checked my boot priorities in the BIOS to make sure only the assigned harddrive is allowed to boot but no dice. Tried to boot from the partition that Vista setup put on the boot record but no dice as well since obviously that partion is not marked as bootable.

    In my opinion this is a bug. Vista setup should not assign the harddrives to different letters as Vista itself does. Eg. if I install my OS on drive D it shouldn't appear on drive C after installation. These assignments should be the same. I also think this is the reason why the bootmanager got confused and is not working at the moment. Just for clarification: I do not use dualboot.. Vista is the only operating system installed.

    Appendix: I installed Vista HPE64 Dutch without using a key so it will work only 30 days making it possible to enter a legal license key as soon as it is officially released. So please do not mark me as an illegal user... just mark me as an impatient user that has HPE64 Dutch on pre-order :)


    Remco van Kaam




    Friday, January 12, 2007 10:21 AM