Homeserver display, Keyboard, Mouse RRS feed

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  • I upgraded to homeserver 2011. With V1, I was using a Logitech wireless keyboard/pad, and had my TV connected via HDMI cable, which provided video and sound.

    Now with homeserver 2011 (same hardware), when the system boots, I see the login screen on my tv (there is a button for assisted access, when selected puts out a menu and speaks, verifying that sound is present on the HDMI connection) and the keyboard works to move pointer and enter password. As soon as I press enter, the video and sound go away (can't tell about the wireless keyboard/pad as there is no image). Using vga cable connected monitor and usb keyboard and usb mouse, all continue to function after password entry.

    How do I keep the HDMI video/audio and wireless keyboard/pad working after entering the password? I use the server for web access and limited printing, etc. from my theater seats.

    All homeserver functions seem to work fine with RDP.

    Monday, February 13, 2012 12:39 AM