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    I  selected according subscription of dealer  NEW LAPTOP TOSHIBA  sTAELITE PRO L100
    AT  PC mebastor ElektroWord Praha Zličín Czech republic. If  i oppen   the packet at home I
    Ifound  not   this accessories as| microfon,calbes,... and so  Microsoft Office One note,Sonic,Antivirus,drivers, anb system restore onDVD as origin budled version  ans some and what wass worse  then my  NEW notebook,having any previose user- according words dealer
    only have 25 GB full disk memory   and  I started to saerch why.
    And I registered my version by phone  with Microsoft operator  for activation my product Windows  R 5.1 serial.no 763-OEM-011903-0011.
    But  my PC work not current after,freezes  and all  files, software, pictures, Favorite  was transfered into cookies  , run nothing   : run,mathematical symbols at key,I cannot read,write
    and open document/ OpenOffice 2.2  is unrunning at an application,error path at all application,
    cannot nothing install and see from DVD| Inter Wideo For Toshiba,ISQ,Skype Videofiles.

    Microsoft  activated his licence NOT me- Jana Šroubková, User, Vlatník, Uživatel at my languages   but allowed  the LICENCE OEM    FOR  FILES    C.: \ Documents  and Setting
    Setting \Cookies.
    This is such written at Control Panel Manegement,when I clicked on legacy of Windows and
    about widows.the files are at unblelievib unorder   and I dont know how them replace at right
    locality   at Pc , i have  unziped ,encrypted file and program,impossible to open,run, install.
    Run not so Widows installer.Inviting is my single chance,for repair it. I was 19 in service,nobody reair it., with any possitive results.I have no money more,thatwhy
    I six month cannot work with my home PC  and  all money I spent   with servicemen which impositer me and nothing repair.They reccommand me Microsoft ,which caused it.
     Six month I am without incomes,cannot write text  and search help to
    reneme it or log me as the owner  at registry errors and other unopenable unusuiable
    programs and files. and uninstall  duplicate or errors file.
    I have offer only at expensive billed software, but why  I would be payed what I have not caused
    I supposed  when I select according prospect dealer offer expensive laptop its perfect and current running.NOt  then is the box into wade and I caused it not but operator of Microsoft did bad activation  for pleasure it so  any knowledges own work  or it was some recession
    for him and my next troubles  maybe they want to sale me expensive  software for correction
    of errors.My knwoledges     about  PC is not so well to repair it alone.My PC hear not   any sofware when autorun.exe run.not.  Dont  listent so written directory    as  activate, Cmd.
    help me please. i I  am from Czech republic, From Prague, I would rather have  files and English  working with dictionary then  work not  at all.  Your thankful   Jana Michaela   and 
    i am inviting the experts.  Help me please.S.O.S.  My English is not so well for system correction and I am  not such well so at my mothertongue- Czechlanguage. S.O.S.ONES MORE.

    Monday, June 4, 2007 12:18 PM