CRM Dynamics 2011 - How to Manually Fire a Plugin to Update Existing Records RRS feed

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  • My team has developed a plugin for Dynamics that fires on Create and Update of the Case (incident) entity. This plugin populates some custom fields to better meet our business needs and successfully works as intended for new cases created. However, thousands of records currently exist in the system which do not have data for the custom fields that the plugin populates. I'm having trouble figuring out an efficient way to populate the existing case records' custom fields with data generated by the plugin logic.

    Is there a way to manually fire the plugin by calling the update event (without changing anything on the case record except for the change the plugin will make)?? Or is there some other suggestion or solution for utilizing the plugin logic to update the existing case records (web resource? javascript? database update?)?

    Any and all suggestions and help will be appreciated.
    Friday, July 22, 2011 7:15 PM


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