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    I am a brand new SyncToy user who has some questions.  A friend told me about SyncToy and I am hoping (more like praying) that it will be the answer to my needs.  Here is my set-up:

    • One server running Windows 2003 Server SBS
    • One server running Windows 2008
    • Four PCs all running Windows XP Pro SP3 

    I want to use SyncToy (version 2.0.100) to set-up a regular automated backup for all of my data on the above computers.  Each of the two servers will have one USB 2.0 external hard drive connected to it.  I also have Dell's RD1000 removable hard drives connected to each server.  Here are my questions.


    Q1. I set up a test Folder Pair between a folder on my PC's desktop to one of the servers.  This folder had roughly 210 MB of data in 100 files and 6 sub folders underneath it.  I used the Contribute option.  I ran the job.  When I did a compare in Windows Explorer the "right folder" had the correct structure and number of files.  The file size, however, was slightly off.  The left folder may have said 212,220,614 while the right said 211,045,122.  Is the difference something I need to worry about?


    Q2.  What happens if I use Contribute when the destination drive is a network share?  I know that SyncToy utilizes the Recycle Bin.  Will the files on the server be moved to the Recycle Bin or will they be permanently deleted?  I know if I delete a file on the server from my PC the file is lost forever.  If I do the same thing from my server itself the file is moved to the recycle bin.


    Q3.  One of my servers runs a SQL Server 2005 database.  Will SyncToy be able to copy the database even though it is open 24 x 7?


    Q4. Finally, any suggestions you can give to help me configure these backups would be fantastic!


    By the way, I do own copies of Symantec/Veritas as well as Yosemite backup software.  I don't like how the backup files in these programs are stored in a proprietary format.  I also tried using another utility called CopyRite which utilizes RoboCopy.  CopyRite appears to have more options than SyncToy.  I found it to be very confusing to use.  I was extremely impressed with the speed of SyncToy (the initial copy of 220 MB took less thah 30 seconds).


    Thanks in advance for your help.


    Tuesday, December 2, 2008 9:34 AM