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  •  I've been trying to use SignTool.exe with no success whatsoever.  SignTool.exe is part of the Software Developer Kit v.6.1.  Now with v.6.0 an actual wizard would come up with fields to fill in so that a person could code sign their certificate.  With this new version everything has to be signed through Command Functions.
    Now this new process doesn't come with any instructions what so ever.  Even Companies like Thawte.com and Verisign.com don't have up to date instructions on how to code sign with this new version.  When discussing this with someone at Thawte, they didn't even know that Microsoft changed the proceedure on how to Code Sign.
    I had e-mailed Microsoft on how to do this and all I got back was a link about SignTool and the different Command Codes, yet nothing on how to actually proceed.
    This is getting incredibly frustrating.  I even read recently that a new version of the SDK is possibly being released at the end of this year.
    Last week I had a computer tech guy over for well over obne hour and he couldn't even get it to work.  I called the various computer places here locally and not one of them had a clue on how to do this new version of SignTool.exe.
    I appreciate any help that anyone may have.
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